Purva Spa

We Are???

        " Purva Spa " is an heaven like model of spa situated in the silicon city, Bangalore. And the other words, people using to name our spa are "Heaven among the best spas in the city " , "Home where rich services at affordable price", "Angels providing the complete service on the earth".

Our Strength???

        We got a group of efficient workers who believe in providing the best service to our customers at the cost of anything. Our workers trust in hard work and complete surrendering of soul and body at the service only makes our Customer feel happy and thus following the same since 3 years and we are leading all the best spas in Bangalore and many other cities

Service Motto???

        We believe in providing the best service to our customers. We believe that, our service motto should be to make Fearless, Satisffy, Refresh, Happy our customers. We evaluate our service ourselves and implement the modest ideas to make our Customers Happy. We provide the New, Unused, strilised materials to our customers so that they can Fearless to their independent private rooms at our heavenly spa.

Home like Spa!!!

        I am the regular customer to Purva spa since 2 years and I have got the service from almost all the staff members. I feel like all members in Purva spa dedicate their soul and body to find happyness of the Customer throughout the service period and all work for the satisfaction of the customer since the beginning of the service till the Happy Endings... The best Happy Endings are found here!!!

Arun Kumar...

Best Service!!!

        I really enjoy the service at Purva spa right from the beginning till the end of Happy Endings!!!... Superb Spa... HIFI to all Purva staff